Here are a few kind words from current and past clients!


​"In the past 3 months, through Tony's guidance in nutrition and exercise practice, I have lost 20lbs., lowered my cholesterol 20 points, and have become a stronger figure skater. I appreciate everything he does even though I hate him sometimes!"

Rebecca-Librarian/Figure Skater


"I should thank you for turning me into a total badass! Life is going just fine here in VA! I signed up for a 4mile mud run I have never gone that far! You know I drive to my mailbox!"
Maria-United States Air Force


“I am proud to say that Tony is the first personal trainer that I have had and actually stayed with for more than 90 days!!!  This is an impressive feat considering he is my fifth attempt at a trainer.  I have been working with him for almost 2 years now and I do not see an end in sight.  Tony is a master at his craft and really takes the time to design the “right” workout for you that is aligned with not only your fitness goals but your life goals as well.  He holds you accountable and makes working out fun because each day in the gym with Tony is never the same!  His professionalism, extensive knowledge in the areas of fitness and nutrition, and his genuine concern to help you reach your goals and set new ones through his dedication and commitment to you as an individual is a rarity.  He is a top-shelf personal trainer who has helped me discover my true strength and abilities not only physically but mentally as well.” 



"In the past 6 months I have lost 50 lbs., 40 of which Tony has helped me lose at a steady rate.  My life has a more positive outlook because I feel better about my appearance and I know I’m healthier now than before I met with Tony regularly.  My next 2 goals are: 1. to run my first 5k race and 2. To lose 40 more lbs. in the next 6 months with Tony’s support and assistance.  Even when I feel down about myself because of lack of motivation or perceived sense of failing, he is quick to encourage me and convince me to carry on with workouts and guiding me through the minefield of food selections at the store or in my home.  Every week I look forward to seeing him and working-out because he makes it fun and challenging for me. He is the best trainer I could ask for and I’m grateful for him to continually push me to become a stronger healthier me."