• Anthony Matt

I wish it was about exercise

I wish receiving the results you want was all about exercise. This would make life so much easier for everyone. Unfortunately, your exercise routine is only a small factor in reaching the results you want. If I am really being honest, if you handle the exercise wrong it might even move you farther from your goals.

The bottom line is that results are extremely hard to come by, even harder to keep, and are never permanent. Some of the factors that need to be considered when working toward a goal are how nutrition affect your biological processes, recovery, sleep, and finally exercise routine. These factors all need to be balanced in a way that does not outcast you from your friends, cut you off from things you love, or drive you nuts while trying to achieve your goal.

This might seem nearly impossible; but with a well planned out balance attack the results you want are just around the corner. Go out, find a professional that can help you balance your life, and enjoy the journey!

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