• Anthony Matt

Don't Mistake Intensity with Progress

One big mistake people make when starting a new training program is that they believe the more intensely they can work out the faster they will make progress toward their goal. The truth is intensity might be moving you further from your goals.

Programs based on several high intensity sessions per week only make you tired for the most part. These programs often neglect the recovery and base building aspect of training toward a goal. True progress is obtained through a well thought out program consisting of a very well thought out progression that leads to your goals. In a typical program you will perform sessions of varying intensity laid out in a pattern that is proven to strengthen the energy systems you are trying to strengthen. It will also address efficiency of movement and have an emphasis on recovery. Only when these factors are addressed in the proper balance can you truly progress toward your goal.

Don’t be the guy working hard for the sake of working hard. Take the time to research what will lead you to your goal. Find a professional to help set up your journey. Most importantly, learn the reason behind every session in your program. If you take these steps, you can develop laser like focus and really effect your results!

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