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What is WeckMethod

A few months ago I had the priviledge of being one of the first performance coaches in the world to become Weckmethod qualified. This leads to the big question what is WeckMethod?

WeckMethod is a training frame work developed by the one and only David Weck. To let you know how David has probably already affected your life, he invented the BOSU ball. That is the little blue half ball in your gym that you see people trying to balance one because very few people know how to use it to its full potential. What is important though, due to sales from the BOSU ball David has been able to spend years learning, studying, creating, and perfecting movement efficiency. This is what Weckmethod is based on, movement efficiency!

Traditional strength training has emphasized isolated movements and antirotation (strong, stiff, unathletic) and this has never made sense to me. Over the past five years I have been diving into fascial lines, their importance for athletic movement and how to train them. I was done having clients fight their natural movement to fit into how the "experts" say the should move. Then along comes David Weck with the most obvious observation in the history of the fitness industry, anti-rotation is unathletic. This lined up perfectly with where my thoughts were leading me and someone finally had the guts to point out that everything we were doing was wrong. I then joined his inner circle Facebook group where he started talking about changing how the world runs. Then he released the pulsers and the double down pulse, I purchased a pair of the original hand made pulsers and joined the pioneers of pulsing drills. Through videos and instruction off the internet I started running with pulsers, working on coiling, and regaining my natural athleticism that traditional strength training had stolen from me. I started playing with compression training on the BOSU Elite and even did the online BOSU Elite Certification. I was feeling faster, more athletic, and more powerful than I had in years.

Fast forward several months and I see that there would be a first ever Weckmethod Certification. I immediately looked at my wife and said when this opens up it will sell out fast so we need to decide now am I going to San Diego. Being the awesome supportive wife she is she realized there was only one answer; yes I needed to go to San Diego and help bring the future of the fitness industry back to Indiana.

On March 20 2019 I hopped on a plane to San Diego to attend the first ever WeckMethod Qualification. For the next three days I learned how to coil, pulse, use limit force elastics, compression, ropes, and clubs to return the athleticism and proper movement to people that we have been stealing for years. This was the most educational 3 days of my life and I am truly a better coach and trainer because of it!

In the title I asked what is WeckMethod? The answer is simple; WeckMethod is every step stronger for everyone. WeckMethod is effortless power. WeckMethod is athletic potential optimized. WeckMethod is running returned to its natural form. Most importantly, WeckMethod is the future of fitness and movement.

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