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Flu Strikes Hard

Training for the Ohio Ultra has been going great then boom I get hit by the flu. This isn't a small cold or I think I have the flu. This was 105 degree temperature, head pounding, sore throat, body aches, head to the hospital flu! I am 3 months out and I have to take a week off! Are you kidding me?!

Luckily I am at the point in my life where I know it is better to rest, fully heal, and recover. If I return to training too early this thing could linger and in the long run that is worse. It now has been 11 days since my last training session and tomorrow is when I will start to ease back in. Let me tell you what the hardest part of recovering was, I mentally wanted to train. I had a deep burning urge to train, it really took everything I had to not train. Luckily between my wife telling me don't you dare train and deep down knowing that healing fully is the smart play I resisted. So lets lay out my plan to ease back in.

I have felt 100% for the past two days so it is time to ease back in. Tomorrow I will do a light strength session consisting mostly of grip and skill work, little to no cardio load during this session. Then in the afternoon I will hop on the bike or rower for a very easy long session. The intent of this is to gauge my endurance and how much I have lost. I will then adjust my program based on how I feel. I have 3 months to go till the Ultra and the last thing I want to do is run myself down. The next two weeks will be about building myself back up so I can hit my stride at around 10 weeks out.

Take my advice, when training for endurance if you start to feel run down or sick, take a little time off to recover. One week of rest beats 4 weeks of bad training sessions because you didn't allow for recovery!!!

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