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Ultra Strength Training

Strength training for endurance events can be tricky to say the least. This is especially true for someone like myself who loves to lift heavy weights. I constantly have to remind myself that the goal is to complete a Spartan Ultra, that is 30 miles of trail running with 60+ obstacles. So what is important when strength training? First, keep the joints happy! if I put unneeded stress on my joints or ignore mobility work I risk joint pain and that is definitely a killer during Ultras. Second, grip strength, most obstacles are grip heavy so this has a high priority. Third, carrying heavy stuff, the more comfortable I can be carrying heavier stuff the easier that "bucket brigade" and other heavy carries will be. Optimizing heavy carries will be a real energy saver and time saver on the course. Finally I need to work on power for jumping and climbing over things like walls


The current program I have designed for myself addresses all of this and I am pretty happy with my progress. Here is what my weekly break down looks like.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 5:30 am strength session

Warm Up

-Breathing Drills (control your breathing, maximize your efficiency)

-Crawling Drills (warms up body and helps during barbed wire crawl and any o.u.t. type obstacles)

-Shoulder Mobility Drills with a RMT Club (gets the shoulders ready for pull ups and grip work)

Main Workout

-Leg Activation Drill Like a Compression Squat

-Squat or Deadlift (I prefer to use a transformer bar for squats or trap bar for deadlifts)

-Medball Throw or Compression Push Ups (can be overhead, chest pass, or rotational)

-Push Exercise (I tend to use floor press, landmine presses, or handstand pushups)

-Grip Wheel or Wall Jumps (I tend to go longer sets on these usually 1 set of 40-50)

-140lb Sandbag 100 yards (I have been adding 5 yards every week)

-35 Burpees (I have been adding 5 burpees every week)

Cool Down

-Box Breathing (helps kickstart recovery by turning off the sympathetic nervous system)

Tuesday, Thursday

Mobility Drills

-I address anything that needs addressed

Skill Work (the rule with skill work is only do it while rested and capable of good form)

-RMT Rope Drills

-Footwork Drills

-Rope Climb Techniques

-Monkey Bar Techniques

-Wall Jump Techniques

This split seems to have me moving in the correct direction. I am following a periodization method which means I am manipulating sets and reps every 4 weeks. I am just keeping in mind that the goal is endurance and lean muscle mass so I am avoiding anything that would add unneeded mass.

My next post will address what I do for recovery and how I track my training load and progress. As I progress through my program I will continue updating on specific techniques I am using and my favorite training tools.

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