• Anthony Matt

Know Why!

Last time I talked about training and not working out. Today I am going to discuss the top difference between the two, knowing why. Knowing why you are taking the actions you are and knowing the benefits you will get down the road is the key component to training. Know why you are choosing the exercises you are, the food you eat, and the recovery methods you utilize.

The big one is exercise choice. When designing a training session first consider your goal. If your goal is to get faster choose drills for speed, get stronger choose drills to get stronger, get more powerful choose drills to improve power. Then carry this over into your choices for nutrition and recovery. If everything does not support your goal you will not get results and you are back to just working out.

If you do not know what to choose and am overwhelmed by the information out there reach out to an expert for guidance. The real reason to hire an expert is not to have them just lead while you follow blindly, but for them to teach you why. I am here to teach my clients why they do the things they are, this way they can continue to work toward their goals even when I am not around.

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