• Anthony Matt

I Don't Workout; I Train

I want to talk about the importance of the words we use to describe our actions. There is a term out there that everyone uses to describe exercise that I am starting to hate, that word is "workout". Working out seems unfocused to me, you can workout once and never do it again. What does a workout look like? It can be a random sequence of exercises with no real direction. A workout is momentary thing that starts when it starts and ends when it ends with no real lasting effect. So I am suggesting we all remove it from our vocabulary!

From now on we train! Training has direction, training has purpose, training has goals in mind, and training carries over into our lives beyond the hour spent in the gym. When we train for something we have motivation to succeed. When we train for something we can tell if we are moving toward that goal. When we train for something we stay focused on the task. Our training sessions will be specific toward that goal. Every exercise and training drill we chose to incorporate into our training sessions has a purpose. If we can't tell you why we are doing that exercise we probably shouldn't be doing it. Training is a mindset that builds success!

TRAINING GETS RESULTS, WORKING OUT WASTES TIME!!! So let's stop working out and start training. Send me your goals, reach out to me for help. Let's stop wasting time and start training today.

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