• Anthony Matt

Weekly Check in 1

So my first week of operation remove dad weight was rough. Having two kids is crazy, sleep patterns are off, planning ahead is rough, and convenience and comfort is still winning. So how do I take this? The answer is as learning experience. It is extremely important when trying to change to treat challenges as a learning experience and not failure. We want to practice positive coaching and change. This means concentrating on what went well.

First step is to review three things that went well. My three things are I got morning training sessions in, I stayed active playing with my son, and I cranked out quality training sessions.

Only after looking at what went well do we want to find something to improve upon. My definite improvement needs to come in the diet department. Lack of planning has lead to convenience meals. I have already taken action to fix this. I have ordered ready made meals from a company called Shift Meal Prep. This gives me healthy convenient options when making a meal is not realistic.

Let me know your three wins, what you will concentrate on improving, and an action plan on improving it in the comments!

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