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It's ok, I struggle too

I have recently found myself in a position where I have been giving into temptation way more than I used to. Life has gotten busy and crazy, I have started leaning toward convenience, planning has taken a back seat, and I have backed way off on my training. The end result of this is I now find myself roughly 20lbs heavier than the weight I feel best at. I know the last thing you want to hear about is a fitness coach claim they need to lose weight, but some of us struggle just like you. Sure I can still do very athletic things; but at the moment just in short bursts. My wife just had our second child and my dad bod mode is in full effect. What I am saying is I am not "genetically gifted" and life caught up to me, it happens to us all. The key is now it is time to do something about it! I need to start a new journey and I am going to write a series of blogs outlining what I am doing, why I am doing it, my success, and more importantly my failures.

Step one, don't be depressed about my current condition, be motivated to change it! This falls under the easier said then done category. Human nature makes us go into a form of depression when we get out of shape. Comfortable convenient patterns win out over good intentions, this failure just pushes you further into this "mopey" mood and starts a vicious circle of setting a goal, failing, being depressed about it, and making even worse decisions. The key to breaking this is to set realistic goals, celebrate success, and realize failure is going to happen and that is ok. We need to learn from our mistakes and move forward not dwell on them.

Step two, set goals. Goals need to be realistic, measurable, and able to be completed in a reasonable time frame. When trying to improve fitness, not all goals have to be fitness related. I am a huge fan of setting three main goals, one fitness related, one business related, and one family or spiritually related. My goals for the next month are to lose 4-8lbs, increase my client base by five clients, and not sitting down to watch tv until my kids go to sleep.

Step three identify steps to achieving goals and concentrate on those. This will allow you to concentrate on the moment and let the goal happen. This being said my actions for the next three weeks are to meal plan dinners for the entire week every Sunday, up date my blog twice a week, and actively play with my sons when they are home (no sitting on the couch).

Step four is to monitor your progress. Take things one day at a time. Evaluate your challenges for that day and make plans to overcome them. At the end of each day review what went well and what needs adjustment and move on to the next day. I will not be blogging my progress daily, but weekly is a definite goal! So every week I will be putting an honest blog of my sucess and more important my learning moments.

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