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Work on it every day

There is a simple concept that I often heard from a strength coach named Dan John, "if it is important do it every day." As I progress in my career as a health coach and personal trainer I am finding this to be the technique used by all of my most successful clients. The concept is simple, if a goal is important to you work on it everyday. If you want to lose weight make decisions daily that help you towards that goal. If you want to do a pull up work on something every day that brings you closer to that pull up. If you want to run your first 5k do something everyday to bring yourself closer to that goal.

So you might have some complex goals, how do you know what to work on daily? Best advice I can give you is to make a check list of daily actions that you need to bring yourself closer to that goal and check it off daily. For an example I will outline my current goal and what my checklist looks like at the moment.

Goal: Run a Spartan Ultrabeast before I am 40

Important traits I need: Weigh around 165lbs, be able to run a marathon distance, have the strength to complete obstacles.

Daily Checklist: Follow Running plan (slow build of mileage and intensity over the next few years)

Eat 5 servings of vegetables a day and no sugar 6 days a week

Accumulate 10 minutes hanging from a pull up bar every day

Follow strength plan- strength 3 days a week, obstacle technique work 2 days a week

Send me an email or put in the comments what your goals are and what your daily checklist might look like. This is a very important part to reaching a goal.

Remember "A goal without a plan is a wish." -Anonymous

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