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Master the Fundamentals

I am going to give away the secret to living a healthy lifestyle! Eat real unprocessed food consisting primarily of protein and vegetables, drink mostly water, and move a lot. You don’t need to kill yourself every workout. You don’t need to count calories. You definitely don’t need to pay $200 a month for a quick fix challenge.

If it is so simple why is it so hard to do? The true answer is food is delicious, most people work desk jobs, and instant gratification is the American way.

Even though we know better we are fighting natural instincts when we try to avoid the quick easy processed food. Sugar becomes comes an addiction because it alerts the pleasure centers of the brain. Lastly, even with the best intentions of being active most people are tied to a desk 8 hours a day. Funny enough this exhausts you and by time we get home we just sit and watch TV, not because we are physically tired, we are mentally tired.

So how do we fight against our human nature and win? We nail down the fundamentals! Like in sports sound fundamentals gives us the best chance at victory. We will still win some and lose some, but coming back to the fundamentals will give us the best chance to succeed.

Healthy lifestyle fundamentals are:

  1. Eat real unprocessed food

  2. Eat a variety of vegetables

  3. Eat protein at every meal

  4. Drink water

  5. Move a little every hour

  6. Exercise a minimum of 3 days a week

  7. Concentrate on health not weight loss

If we take one day at a time and concentrate on these fundamentals we will be on track to a healthy lifestyle.

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