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Your Own Worst Enemy

We have established that changing to a healthy lifestyle is most likely the hardest thing you will ever do. The journey is long and hard, has many ups and downs, and every obstacle imaginable is in your way. That being said; let me pose a question. Are all of those obstacles real or are you creating most of them in your mind?

There is a wonderful book by Robert M. Sapolsky titled “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers”, the book is mainly about stress and the difference between chronic and acute stress. In it he talks about humans being the only animal capable of stressing over things that probably will never even happen. This is why we get nervous for interviews, speeches, performances, and anything we do that could possibly go poorly. These are all things that will probably go fine but the human mind likes to constantly freak out about what could go wrong. Chronic stress in this form causes all kinds of emotional and more importantly hormonal problems in your body. Unfortunately this type of stress happens a lot when trying to change your lifestyle. Trying to lose weight in this state is nearly impossible. It is this stress that is slowing your journey down!

Let’s look at the 3 most common things people on a weight loss program stress about that is completely created by them.

  • Friends will think something is wrong if I don’t eat or drink in a social setting.

This is a fear I have heard from nearly every weight loss client I have ever worked with. The truth is if you enlist your friends as social support on your journey they will never think there is something wrong when you don’t eat junk food. Unless your friends are complete jerks they will actually help you! So let your friends know about your journey and stop worrying!

  • I ate something that wasn’t healthy my progress is doomed.

The truth is we are all human.When trying to change we will give in to temptation.This is not the end of the world it is just a speed bump.The normal response is to freak out and eat everything in sight.The logical response should be to calm down, pinpoint why you made that decision, learn from it, and move on toward your progress.

  • I injured myself but if I don’t workout I will lose my progress.

Injuries are unpredictable and can happen to everyone.The key is to not let injuries freak you out.Take the time to rest and get better and take the time to lock down your nutrition and you will come out of the injury stronger physically and mentally before the injury.

The main take away here is to stop stressing out over things that are not in your control. Try to think about the positive outcomes. Find some consistency in your life and do not worry about the rest. This way you can keep climbing that mountain of change one step at a time.

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