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The Summer Nutrition Trap


Everyone thinks that the holiday season is the hardest time of year to eat healthy; but watch out for the summer trap as well. Grilling season is the hardest time of year for me to eat healthy and here is why. During the holidays the “bad food” is obvious, sugary treats, cookies, and cakes are everywhere. The grill season can be even more dangerous because the “bad foods” are hidden. These show up in the sugar in condiments, sweet teas, sugary juices, chips, buns for hamburgers and hotdogs, dips for veggies and fruit, and fruit based desserts that are still loaded with extra sugar.

So how do you keep from unknowingly falling into the summer “sugar trap”? Just follow these easy tips.

1. Buy local organic fruit and vegetables from the farmers market.Not only are these the healthiest

option, you are also supporting the local economy.

2. Drink water infused with fruit.Use lemon, cucumber, strawberry, really anything fresh to flavor

your water.This way you get that “summer taste” without the added sugar.

3. Skip the bun!!!This will go a long way to removing a lot of sugar from your summer diet.

4. Make your own ketchup (better flavor and no added sugar, it’s a win win).

5. Use grass-fed meat (see my blog post on grass-fed vs. grain-fed).

6. Avoid processed meats (this means hotdogs).

7. Use real cheese from the deli (if it is individually wrapped slices it’s not real cheese).

8. Eat raw veggies but skip the dip.

9. Make fruit your dessert they are sweet enough on their own.

10. BE ACTIVE! Run, bike, swim, walk, go to zoos, just enjoy the weather and get moving outside.

If you follow these steps you are well on your way to having a wonderful healthy summer.

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