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The Hardest Journey of Your Life


Let’s say you make the decision that you are going to climb Mt. Everest. Would you wake up one morning and say hey this next Monday I am just going to go out and climb Mt. Everest. HECK NO YOU WOULDN’T!!!

You would plan for the trip at least a year out. Then in that year, you would research, plan, and train for every aspect of your trip. You would probably even seek out professional help. You would research and buy all of the gear you would need, arrange travel to Nepal, hire guides to help you up the mountain, and plan out every scenario that could happen on your trek. You would leave very little to chance trying to ensure your success, yet you would know that you still only stand a 17% chance of completing the journey.

The main point is if you wanted any chance of climbing Mt. Everest you would never start without any preparation and definitely would never try it on your own.

For a lot of people weight loss is their Mt. Everest, even with preparation, proper guidance, and support it is still the toughest journey of their life. Knowing this, then why do so many people jump into it with little to no preparation; they are just ensuring their failure. You might think it is crazy to compare weight loss to climbing the largest mountain on earth, but I actually might be understating how hard it is to lose weight.

This leads me to the point of this article: THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP TOWARDS WEIGHT LOSS IS PREPERATION!!!

Here is your Preparation Checklist:

1. Hire a professional to help you on your journey

2. Build a network of social support around you

3. Make a step by step plan on how you are going to change your life

4. Remove all temptation (clean out the pantry and fridge)

5. Learn to meal plan

6. Learn to shop

7. Learn to prep food ahead of time

8. Learn to cook

9. Learn to research restaurants

10. Plan for tough situations (leave nothing to chance)

Following these steps before you even start your journey will put you on the path to success. During your journey, listen to your fitness guide. If you chose the right path, they will continue to guide you down this path during your journey and will correct you when you go astray. They are your fitness Sherpa. You might not always like what they have to say, but they always have your best interest at heart.

The most important part is to lean on your social support. Let them know how important this is to you and they will be there for you when you struggle. Sometimes the people who are most important to you may not show the proper support. Often those around you are threatened or jealous of your decision to change. This is why it is important to convey to them how important this change is to you while finding people who will truly support you through this progress.

Like climbing the mountain, at first it seems impossible, but you are motivated and decide to take it on anyway. Then come the ups and downs; at times it seems easy and like you are going to breeze through it and at times it seems impossible; you feel like giving up. There will be days you feel like you are making quick progress, and days you will hit plateaus and feel like you are going nowhere. Just remember if you prepare properly, take things one step at a time, and use the support of the people around you, you will reach the summit!!!

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