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Tony Matt

I am an experienced personal trainer, health coach, and nutrition coach that specializes in behavior change and nutritional/healthy lifestyle habit building that results in weight loss and body composition change.  I also specialize in athletic performance specifically keeping athletes structurally strong enough to perform their sport.


I grew up an average kid that struggled with being overweight in my early years.  I was saved by sports and found a love of exercise.  Through my training for football and swim I became a healthy, athletic teenager.  Then college came and sports ended.  I told myself I was becoming a powerlifter (but really I was becoming overweight).  I blew up to 250 pounds and didn't know how I got there.  What is even crazier I was studying exercise science at IUPUI at the time this happened.  One day I "woke up"; this is when my true health journey began.  By slowly changing my habits, regularly setting goals and achieving them, and hard work I got back to the healthy lifestyle I had once known.  This experience greatly helps me with my clients.  I understand how gaining weight happens; even more importantly I understand how hard it is to turn things around and start down that healthy path.


In 2002 I started my fitness career at Bally Total Fitness in Indianapolis while pursuing a degree in Exercise Science at IUPUI.  I then decided to move back to Northwest Indiana to bring my fitness knowledge to the area that I grew up in.  I currently hold certifications from the American Council on Exercise, PTA Global, Bioforce HRV, Jack Daniels Running, and Precision Nutrition.



-American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

-American Council on Exercise Certified Health Coach

-Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach

-PTA Global

-Certified Distance Running Coach

-Certified Conditioning Coach


Programs Offered

-Individual Training

-Nutritional Counseling

-Semi-Private Training

-Online Training

-Online Nutrition Counseling



In person training is performed at Integrated Movement in Valparaiso Indiana.  We will start with a complimentary assesment and goal setting session.  From there I will place you on a program that combines nutrition education, habit building skills, loaded movement training to add strength, and conditioning exercises.


If you are a sport specific client I will perform a Functional Movement Screen during the assesment and then design your sport specific program off of your needs.

            Online Training


I offer online training and nutrition coaching.  Online training gives you weekly personalized workouts.  Online nutrition coaching is done through Precision Procoach.

           Nutritional Counseling


Nutritional Counseling takes place in weekly educational session.  During these sessions we will dive deep into your nutritional habits and come up with a personalized plan that allows you to see succes.


Every week we will tackle an educational subject, set behavioral goals, look at road blocks that prevented you from achieving the previous weeks goals, and game plan how to overcome those hurdles in the future.